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Project Management Module

The only project management tool integrated to finance and work order management which is also designed to control resource allocation on dynamic, user-friendly calendars and time-sheets.

A Complete Project Management Module

With Prostream’s Project Management Module you can smart schedule, generate work-orders, create and leverage advanced time sheets, and optimize resource utilization, just to name a few.

Step 1

Project Creation & Planification

Your Project Manager will : 

Chose a project name

Assign the project to a resource

Develop the project tree

Plan resource and time utilization

Build timesheets

Step 2



Your Project Manager will : 

Dispatch tasks to specific teams and employees

Dispatch tasks within the project planification

Step 3

Booking and Time & Attendance


Your Employees will : 

Receive their booking

Fill in their timesheet

Record specific time ranges

Step 4

Closing Process


Your Employees & Managers will : 

Validate timesheets

Close weeks or days

Check for possible errors

Step 5

Approval and Control


Your Manager and Project Manager will:

Validate timesheets closed by different employees

Use Control functionalities to help improve the overall delivery of projects and gain from a better visibility over your projects.

Step 6



Prostream provides project management efficiently from A to Z :

Accounting and Invoicing

Time entry,  Ledger, Job Ledger

Proper accounting WIP


Payroll (Link to your external payroll system)

And more


trackPlan resources effectively 
Assign your employees and materials to relevant tasks depending on project priorities. Employees may then access and update their tasks on their accounts without exceeding budget limitations.

roiControl Contracts and Invoicing
Contracts and invoices are managed within the system and integrated to the accounting and financial module. This helps with the controlling of budgets and getting access to contracts and history of invoices anytime and anywhere on any device.

Create complete timesheets easily
The timesheet module allows the entry of employee time and the specific details (hours of presence, off-site work, etc.). It also manages time banks of different types and the history of consumption.

streamKeep an eye on your projects and budgets
Manage several projects at the same time on a unique drag and drop calendar. Editing phases and tasks is integrated to finance module which helps managers to have a clear view of the project progression and budgets.

chartGenerate Work Orders
Prostream generates work orders that are integrated to invoicing and resource planning. Your staff can do the work and update work orders on the field on easy to use drag and drop calendars.

Increased productivity with a Microsoft-based solution
Prostream is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and all the Microsoft stack. Prostream includes Microsoft tools for productivity and connectivity to empower your teams.

Special Features

Drag n’ Drop calendar synched with Outlook

Visual, simple and easy-to-use interface

Read-to-use dashboard

Custom color-coding

Unlimited projects and tasks


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