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Material Management & Expediting

With ProStream’s Inventory Material Management functionality, you take on a broader role in the management of your client’s business, becoming a partner rather than simply a port or terminal management operator.

Simplified and Powerful

Warehouse, Inventory and Material Management

Whether for Container or Bulk shipments, your customer requires expertise at every level and dedicated project management on longer term projects for their containers or bulk materials. You can help them break down a large contract into small parts without losing sight of the full and integrated picture.

With Prostream you can take on the role of inventory manager for your customers easily. You benefit from a newfound ability to better manager resource efficiency, costs and operations and your customers benefit because they can rely on one partner to dispatch their ongoing inbound and outbound shipments for each of their individual projects.

Depth of Management: Client, Project & Item level

Breakdown the inventory, stock it and ship it as needed for each of your customers and all their individual projects with visibility, control and the organized accounting to match.

Extensive Warehouse Management

Leveraging the power of WMS Dynamics, get everything you would expect from a full featured WMS built right in. Benefit from data such as suggested storage areas, reports, inventory counting etc.

Real-Time Visibility

Never lose sight of the material flow even after it becomes inventory you are managing, reduce inaccuracy and empower yourself and your customer with information to plan next steps accordingly.

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