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Control the flow of materials and be more productive while using a trusted technology.

One Streamlined Process

With Prostream Logistics, ports, freight forwarders and 3PLs can have a clear vision into the materials they manage three-levels deep: by customer, by customer project, and by item within the customer project.


As such, they can now offer their enterprise clients a vision into their materials like never before.


Does this example sound familiar?

Your customer is a large Oil and Gas company that is managing multiple projects at once in difference geographical regions. They have multiple materials required for each of those projects and are managing a budget per project. They need details on where those materials are, at the item level, at every stage of the transit and handling. They may even require your help to store and ship out the materials at different times and to different locations.


Are you equipped to handle all this today?

Enter Prostream Logistics: a logistics and materials management system that turns you into the hero for your clients.

Core Functionnalities

Prostream logistic covers the following functionalities:

  • Client and project oriented, it allows specific client and project set up such as expediting rules, packing instructions, and shipping marks or shipping instructions.
  • Expediting of the Purchase Orders down to the line items level
  • Consolidation and Packing in respect of instructions
  • Scheduling of ocean and air shipment

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